Wings Feature

Open: Level 75

► Utility: Wings are useful for increasing your character's Power. Wings can only be used by our main characters. To be able to wear it you must enter the Line-up then select the Wings and there you will be given various choices such as the Wings, Enhance, Reforge and Codex.

Picture 1. Enter the Wings Feature


► Wings: You can see a statistical description of the Wings that you have.

Picture 2. Wings Display


► Enhance: You can strengthen your Wings with Spirit Feather.

Picture 3. Enhance Display


► Reforge: you can recycle your Wings and get back the material you have spent to enhance the Wings.

Picture 4. Reforge Display


► Codex: You can increase strength by collecting Wings.

Picture 5. Codex Display


► Wings Show: You can choose to display your Wings or leave them invisible to other players.

Picture 6. Wings Show Display