Shop Feature

1. Store

Picture 1.1. Main Interface


► Content:

You can find many Store according to your current level and according to what you need.

Picture 1.2. Store Display


You can do shopping using different Item at each store. You can find out how to get these items by touching the plus sign (+) contained in the Item symbol.

Picture 1.3 Hero Store Display


2. Store

Picture 2.1. Main Interface


► Content :

You can make purchases according to what you need at the Store. Like General Recruit, buy Items, buy VIP Pack, and buy Costumes for Generals.

Picture 2.2. Recruit General Display


You can buy items in accordance with what you need at the Item Store.

Picture 2.3. Item Store Display


You can buy valuable items on VIP Pack, but at low prices.

Picture 2.4. VIP Pack Display


You can also buy General Costumes to add General strength and change the General's appearance to be more attractive

Picture 2.5. Costume Store Display