Redeem code tutorial


You can exchange the Gift Code to get attractive prizes in Samurai Era. If you want to redeem the Samurai Era Gift Code, please follow the tutorial below :


  1. Go to the website

Picture 1. Redeem code website



  1. Login
  • You can login using variety of ways, Guest, Facebook, and Google. Make sure you login using the right method.

            Note: 1 GiftCode can only be redeemed for 1 character in 1 account. If you have used      the GiftCode before, the Code will not be used again on other characters.

Picture 2. Login menu options



  • Enter your Email and password correctly.
  • Picture 3. Guest login screen


    Picture 4. Facebook login screen



    Picture 5. Google login screen



  • Redeem the Code
  • Choose Server, Character, and input the giftcode. Make sure you choose the right server and character
  • Input the Giftcode
  • click “Redeem Code"


Picture 6. After login screen


Picture 7. Redeem code


  • Redeem Complete
  • You will receive notification as shown below if you have successfully redeemed the code


Picture 8. Redeem code successfully


Congratulations, you have successfully redeemed the code. You can claim the gift through the in-game. Enjoy your gifts.