Guardian Feature


Hey Samurai, the power of Guardian will continue to be with you! You can ask for help from the Guardian to win the battle!

Open: Level 40

Use: Guardian will join the formation and increase the character's Power.

Picture 1. Main Interface


Picture 2. Guardian Feature Display


You can get Guardian by collecting Guardian Shard! You can see what you have on the "G Shard" Tab


Picture 3. G Shard Display



Picture 4. Display after Summon the Guardian


After you successfully summon a Guardian, you can use that Guardian to join the fight.


♦ How to obtain Guardian Shard

You can get Guardian Shard and Guardian Level Up Materials from the Guardian Store by exchanging God Soul.

Picture 5. Store Display


Picture 6. Guardian Store Display


♦ How to obtain God Soul 


 You can get God Soul by playing the "City Conquest" feature.


 •  Open                                 : Level 40

 •  Feature Location : Battle > City Conquest

How to play                     :

 •  Defeat the Fort that is controlled by other players. If you win, you will get God Soul and materials for the Guardian Level Up.

 •  You have a limit on the number of attacks in 1 day, Choose your enemies wisely.


City Conquest feature has 4 difficulty levels: Normal, Elite, Master, King

If you get past the 4 levels, you will get an amazing prize!

Picture 7. City Conquest Display

Picture 8. Display after choose an enemy


♦ How to use Guardian at Line-up

Open: Level 40

1. Enter the Line-up

Picture 9. Main Interface

2. Select additional positions that are open in the Line-up

Pictures 10. Line-up menu to add Guardian


3. Select the Guardian you want to use

Picture 11. Select Guardian to be installed in the Line-up



4. Display when Guardian at the Line-up

Picture 12. Display when the Guardian has entered the Formation


Guardian can be used and entered in the "Line-up"! It’s time to destroy your enemies!


♦ Level Up Guardian

Open: Level 40

There are 4 main menus on the Guardian Level Up Feature, namely:

Picture 13. Display for information and upgrade Guardian



1. Information: You can see the Basic Status of the Guardian you have. Such as Attributes, Skill, Guardian Star, D Refine Attribute and Intro.

Picture 14. Guardian Info Display

2. Upgrade : Increase Guardian Level by using Guardian level up material

Picture 15. Guardian Upgrade Display


3. D Refine : Increase Guardian Attributes using Ref Stones, you can get this Stone from the Guardian Store and play the City Conquest.

This feature gives additional strength to Team Members in the Formation. The higher the Attribute Level, the additional strength will be stronger.

Picture 16. D Refine Display


4. Star Up : The Star Up feature is used to strengthen Guardian, increasing the Star of Guardian to strengthen the Basic Status of Guardian. You can increase stars by using Guardian Shard and Star-up Token.

Picture 17. Star Up Display

♦ Guardian Codex

Picture 18. Guardian Codex Display


You can access the menu on the "Guardian" Menu on the Main Interface then click on the "Guardian Codex" icon in the left down position.

You can also get an additional Bonus Status if you have a certain combination of Guardian.