Gold farming tutorial

 How to get Gold easily can be done by doing all the tasks or missions available.

In the Samurai Era: Rise of Empire, many Events and Features that you can use to help adventure at the beginning of the game are, 7 Day Festival Features, Famous Dungeon Story and Dungeon. Let's find as much gold!


  1. 7 Day Festival

This event will appear on the first 7 days. Complete all missions in this Event and you will get lots of Gold and prizes to help your adventure.

You can get a total of more than 10,000 Gold if you take part in the Event until it's finished.


Picture 1.1 7 Days Festival

  1. Famous Hero Dungeon

Famous Hero Dungeon opens at Level 28.

This dungeon will give you a lot of Gold if you successfully finish up to the last Boss. In each round, you will get 80 gold on each enemy you defeat and bonus 120 gold on the Boss stage. You can get a total of 440 Gold!


Picture 2.1 Famous Hero Dungeon


Picture 2.2 Famous Hero Dungeon



  1. Main Story Dungeon

Main Story Dungeons is playable from the beginning of the game. We can follow the story of the Samurai Heroes that we play. You can get a lot of stars and reward by completing this Main Story Dungeon.

The more Stars you collect, the more gold prizes you will get

Picture 3.1 Main Story Dungeon

Gambar 3.2 Dungeon Garis Utama


You can get gold by completing Story Dungeon and get all of the stars.

Picture 1. Gold from the Story box


You can get gold by getting 300 stars in Story Dungeon.

Picture 2. Gold of the Mission


You can get gold by completing elite dungeons and opening boxes.

Picture 3. Gold from Box Elite


You can get gold by reaching rank 3000, 1000, 500 and top 100 in the arena.


Picture 4. Gold from Arena Vault


You can get gold by earning 55, 90, 120, 180, 215, 320 stars on the invincible menu.


Picture 5. Got gold from Dom Vault


You can get gold by completing the mission of buying 5 sake and rice

Picture 6. Getting gold from Mission


You can also get a lot of Gold by playing other features in this game. There are various features can you play to get more gold:

  1. Level Pack


This is an Event Feature that is very useful at the beginning of the game, you can get prizes based on the level you have reached. You can get a lot of items and gold that are very useful to help your adventure!

Picture 1.1 Level Pack


  1. Ranking (Nanti harus diganti lagi)

You can also get Gold by increasing your Ranking in the Arena. You will get a lot of Gold if you are in the top Arena Ranking!


Picture 2.2  Ranking Feature


Picture 2.3 Arena Feature


  1. Log-in Gift

You can get Gold from the Log-in Gift, make sure you login on the day written on the Log-in Gift.

How to enter the Log-in Gift menu is to enter "Activity" then select the "Log-in Gift".

Picture 3.1. Main Interface


Picture 3.2. Log-in Gift Display


You can still get Gold and other prizes from the Log-in Gift if you do not log in according to the time in the Log-in Gift, but you only need to exchange it for 50 Gold.

  1. Questions and Answers (Q&A)

You can get Gold easily from Questions and Answers (Q&A)

How to enter the Question and Answer menu by going to the main lobby and touching the question mark (?) As shown below.

Picture 4.1. Q&A Location


Then answer the questions provided, you will receive 50 gold if your answer is correct, and you will receive 30 gold if your answer is wrong. You will receive punishment if your answer is wrong. Your main character will turn into a cute animal for 5 minutes. Don't worry, your main character will return to normal after 5 minutes.


  1. Investment

Available : VIP2 or higher

  • You can get more Gold with Investment.
  • How to enter Investment by entering into "Activity" then select "Investment"

Picture 5.1. Main Interface


Picture 5.2. Investment Display


  • You only need to pay 500 Gold to be able to get additional Gold available in accordance with the specified mission. Select the "Purchase" button to get the additional Gold, if you have successfully reached the Level that is on the mission, then you will immediately be able to take the Gold that has been provided. The total Gold that you will get if you reach all the Levels in the mission is 10,000 Gold.


  1. Defeat the Rebel
  •  You can get Gold from defeat the Rebels
  • How to enter the Rebels feature by entering "Battles" then select "Rebel"


Picture 6.2. Choose Rebel

Picture 6.4. Head to Story Dungeon after selecting “Right Now”

  • After you defeat the rebels, you will get the Gold that you can take at the “Reward”.

Picture 6.8. Main Interface


  1. Defeat the Rebel in Clan
  • You can get Gold from defeating the Rebels in the Clan
  • Rebels will appear if you or your Clan's member have sweep the Story Dungeon.

Picture 7.2 Rebels inside the Clan



Clan rebels will appear when your Clan is attacked. You can quickly fight back, when it appears like a picture marked in red.

When a rebel appears, you have the option to attack, namely ATK Normal (half power) by consuming 1, CRIT ATK (full strength) by consuming 2.

When you successfully fight the rebel clan, you will get gold that you can immediately take in the "Gift Center".




Orochi :

You can participate against BOSS to get Gold. Starting Monday at 08:00, after the event ends the bonus will be given through the "Gift Center". You must choose hero 1 out of 4 heroes, Oda, Takeda, Legend or Hero. If the same will get a Team Buff. If you can't defeat Orochi in 5 rounds then the team will lose. The following explanation is based on the time to defeat Orochi:

  • 3 Minutes = Orochi + 3 levels
  • 3-5 Minutes = Orochi +2 levels
  • 5-7 Minutes = Orochi +1 level
  • 7-12 Minutes = Orochi +0 level
  • 12-15 Minutes = Orochi -1 level

Unsuccessful = Orochi -2 level


Picture 3. Boss Orochi



Tsuchigumo :

You can participate against BOSS to get Gold. Starting from Wednesday at 00:00 to 23:00, after the event ends the bonus will be given through the "Gift Center". You must choose hero 1 out of 4 heroes, Oda, Takeda, Legend or Hero. If the same will get a Team Buff. To challenge Tsuchigumo is divided into 5 times, namely at 06:00, 12:00, 18:00 and 22:00. Tsuchigumo will rise 5 times or at most he will rise 10 times.

Picture 4. Boss Tsuchigumo


Team selection helps you defeat BOSS, because you get an additional 300% of attacks. Namely Oda, Takeda, Heroes, Legend

Picture 5. Hero Selection

Achievement :

Every activity that you have done, you can get Gold from this feature. Like when you have reached a certain level, victory, enter the arena, etc. You can check all of these achievements and work here. And you will get a lot of gold when you achieve a lot of achievements.


Picture 6. Achievement in Tasks (Mission)



100 Generals:

100 Heroes starts every day at 10: 00-24: 00. General challenges every day will get personal contributions and Expedition Points in large numbers, Expedition Points can be exchanged for Bonus Points for a certain amount. Killing a general with a certain difficulty level will unlock the next difficulty level, and will be reset every day at 24:00. Samurai with the position of Clan Chairman, Deputy Clan Chairman, Elder, and Elite will get an additional bonus every week.

If you join a Clan, then you will get Gold according to your current Clan rank.

Picture 8. Ranking Clan Prizes



Explorer :

Each port can send a General who has a minimum quality level of orange to explore the area. Goods obtained from explorers in the sea area around each port are different, each having rare items dropped. A general who sails will get Hero's fragments depending on how long he sailed. The same general cannot be sent to 2 different ports.

Picture 9. Expedition



Browse fast:

Quick roaming is a feature that with practical and fast action, makes it easy for you to explore or expedition with your best General. You can also save the scheme if later the Generals have finished going exploring and getting some items.

Picture 10. Fast Browsing


If you have selected a General, then the gift debris that you will be able to adjust to the General you choose when you want to explore. As well as the results of cruising that you can be based on your choices about cruisers, exploration time.

Picture 11. General Selection




If you want to collect more Gold, you can Top-Up.

You will get various kinds of VIP benefits that you can feel immediately.


Become the strongest Samurai in all the land!