Costume Feature

Open: Level 60

♦ How to obtain:

Purple and Orange Costume can be found at Clan Vault

Picture 1. Store Display


Picture 2. Clan Vault Display


♦ Feature:


The main General can use the costume, the costume is not just to change the appearance of the main General, but the main general will be able to use the skill in accordance with the costume used.

Picture 3. Costume Display


Costumes also add attributes to the main General to increase strength.

Picture 4. Attributes obtained from Costumes


Don't worry about upgrading your costume, because if you want to use another costume, you can use the Reforge feature to refund the costs that you have used to upgrade your old costume and you can re-use the fee to upgrade your new costume.

Picture 5. Reforge Display


Collect other Costume to increase some attributes.

Picture 6. Additional attributes