Clan feature


Open: Lv. 20

► Requires VIP3 to be able to make a clan.

► Content: Make Clan with friends who share the same vision and mission, participate in clan activities together to increase solidarity to emphasize your clan's strengths.

► Tea: it takes 100 contribution points and receives 30 Stamina. Only 1 tea can be consumed every day.


► Clan Pray: There are 3 options that can be chosen by the player, each option will be charged but the points received accordingly.


► C Crusade: Where clan members hone strength.


► Clan War: Every week will open 6 rounds, 1 round every day, starting at 12 noon on Monday and ending at 6 pm every Saturday night. In each round, each clan will randomly match 3 other clans. Each clan will have members who guard at the city gates and who have the highest fighting strength will guard at Tianshou.



► When successful, you can have 1 gate to attack. Since every General city gate has several defenses, each victory will reduce 1 defense point. The city gate must be destroyed to continue attacking Tianshou.


C Totem:

► A place for clan members to learn clan skills to improve attributes.

► Clan chiefs and staff can learn skills to increase learning limits for clan members. Each study costs a certain amount

► Note: The clan level must reach a certain level to open the limits of learning skills.


► Clan Vault: This is a place for clan members to contribution points for exchanging different items. There are many valuable items such as Coin, Cultivate Pill, etc.



Open: Lv.75 or VIP7

► Fast action to fight with Heroes, helping players save time.

► Located at the interface of Heroes.