Beast Feature

♦ Open: Level 72

Picture 1. Main Interfae


  • Utility: Used to add Power to your character, you can enter the B Acquire and choose B SAC to get it.

Picture 2. Beast Feature Display

Picture 3. B Acquire Display

Picture 4. B SAC Display

  • Tips: Don't forget to strengthen your Beast by giving it a lot of offerings.

Picture 5. B Acquire Display


  • Utility : After getting offerings by choosing Normal Sacrifice, Sacrifice 5 times or 50 times with Beast Coin or Gold, you will get a variety of offerings that can be used to strengthen your Beast !.

Piture 6. N SAC Display


  • Strengthen the Beast: You can strengthen Beasts by Feed them by selecting Offerings or if you have a lot of Offerings you can choose the option Auto-feed and you can also strengthen Beasts by Star Up.

Picture 7. Feed Display


Picture 8. Star Up Display


Other Beast Feature: You can access the B Shop to buy B Shard and Offerings, using Beast Soul or Gold. In the B Codex you can also get additional attributes if you have two monsters with the same criteria. In the B Hut section you can see your Beast Collection and B Shard. In the B Max section you can increase the stats of the entire team by using the Loyalty gained from each upgrade of your beast. And the last one is Mount, you can ride the Beast that you already have.

Picture 9. Beast Feature Display


Picture 10. B Store Display


Picture 11. B Hut Display


Picture 12. B Codex Display



Picture 13. B Max Display



Picture 14. Mount Display