All features of first version (by level)

Level 1 (Hero): You will be able to unlock the General Strengthen feature, where you can choose the best General to fight against enemies while strengthening them.



Level 5 (Title): You can use various titles to add your character attributes.


Level 10 (Arena): You can fight with other players to get higher rankings, you can also get Popularity for shopping for various items in the Arena Vault.


Level 10 (Bushido): You can increase various things in the game such as buying more Onigiri or Sake to increase the daily Coin Bonus.


Level 15 (Treasure Hunt): You can hunt for treasures by seizing them from other players to get Trinkets to strengthen your character.



Level 16 (Sweep Dungeon): You can clear the Dungeon quickly by just pressing one button.


Level 20 (Clan): You can join the clan and work together to make your Clan number one, the cool thing you can do is to ask fellow clan members to help strengthen your character.


Level 20 (G’s Mansion): You can see Heroes with the best ratings in the game, you can also give praise and Get Coins.


Level 28 (Famous Dungeon): You can fight famous figures in the Sengoku Age and get the Gift Chest.



Level 30 (Ikkisyu): You can fight the rebels and get various prizes.


Level 32 (Trinket Rebirth): You can exchange the Trinkets that you have with other Trinkets that you need.


Level 32 (Hero Exchange): You can exchange the General you have with the General you need.


Level 35 (Rebel): You can fight the rebels and get various prizes.


Level 38 (Sea Hunt): You can do an expedition to sail the ocean with the General you have by using a ship and get a prize.


Level 50 (Devil Emerge): You can fight BOSS in the form of Snakes and Spiders and if you defeat them you will get a reward.


Level 40 (Lunar Lanterns): You can participate in the Festival to answer questions and get prizes.


Level 40 (Guardian): You can ask Guardian to help you fight your enemies.


Level 40 (City Conquest): You can attack the castles of other players and get prizes.


Level 45 (Costume): You can wear costumes on your main character.


Level 45 (Hero’s Costume): You can wear Costumes on the Generals that you own.


Level 50 (Rob for Food): You can snatch other players' food and get various prizes.


Level 50 (Dungeon Elite): You can defeat various enemies to get the General activation item.


Level 55 (Seal Note): You can take the General Coin and activate your mysterious power.


Level 60 (Costume Enhancing): You can do the costume reinforcement that you wear on your main character.


Level 60 (To Capital): You can fight with other players and get Credit.


Level 65 (Trinket Rebirth): You can rebirth the Trinkets you have and get back the items you have used.


Level 70 (Demon): You can defeat Demons and get prizes to strengthen your character.


Level 65 (Guard Possess): You can use spirits to protect your character.


Level 70 (Yin-Yang Book): You can add attributes of the Gods you have.


Level 72 (Beast): Kamu dapat memanggil, mengumpulkan dan menunggangi Monster serta memperkuat karaktermu.


Level 75 (Support): You can ask the generals to help them improve their attributes and help you defeat your enemies.


Level 75 (Wings): You can wear wings to strengthen your character.


Level 90 (Guide): You can do many things in an instant, such as gathering stamina, wealth, clan strength and others.


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